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Preschool Health & Safety Protocols for COVID-19

The staff at Red Robin Country Day School and Camp have been busy this summer preparing for the September 2020 reopening and fortifying ourselves with everything we need to open our school safely. Our focus remains on the health and well-being of our students and staff, as well as the extended families of both.

While an extremely disappointing summer without camp, this extra time has given us the opportunity to put protocols and practices in place that comply with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and New York State (NYS) mandates. 

For everyone’s safety, our campus will remain closed to outside adults (beyond our staff) and deliveries. Students will be met at the front gate by our staff and visitors will be strictly limited to those providing educational services or emergency repairs, in which case screening and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be required.

The comprehensive details of the safety and protection protocols we have put in place will be furnished to the families of all enrolled students, but below is an overview of certain items:

  • Staff will be required to wear face coverings at all times. 
    • Children will not need to wear face coverings during the 9AM to 4PM classroom hours.
    • Parents have the option to request that their child wear face coverings at all times.
    • All children will be required to wear face coverings while being transported on buses per official NYS mandates.
  • All staff and children will receive comprehensive daily COVID-19 screenings, including temperature checks multiple times per day, the first occurring upon arrival at the gate each morning.
    • Any child or staff member with a temperature greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be permitted in school. 
    • Our pre COVID-19 policy indicated that children needed to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. Our new, COVID-19 oriented policy requires feverish children to remain at home for 72 hours, fever free, before returning to school.
    • If a child or staff member has been exposed to COVID-19, a 14 day quarantine will be required per official NYS mandate.
  • Enhanced cleaning, disinfecting, classroom, and outdoor procedures.
    • More frequent hand washing will be integrated within classroom routines.
    • The cleansing of toys, supplies and equipment will be more frequent throughout the day. 
    • As much as possible, children will use their own set of supplies for art projects and other educational activities.
    • Items from children’s homes will be strictly limited and lunch will be brought in disposable paper bags only.
    • Children will be encouraged to interact and play, but to be aware of the importance of social distancing.
    • When eating or participating in tabletop activities, children will be spread out appropriately.
    • Our spacious, outdoor facilities will be utilized as much as possible.
  • Classes will remain as stable groups and will not mix with children in any other classes.
  • Transportation and Arrivals / Dismissals
    • When being transported on Red Robin buses, children will not share seats
    • The capacity of each bus will be limited
    • Children will be required to wear face masks
    • When children are part of early morning (7AM-9AM) drop off/late day (4PM-6PM) pick up, they will be required to wear masks.

To ensure a smooth start to school during these unprecedented times, school forms, including the school registration form, indicating his or her schedule and possible transportation needs, as well as any extended care expectations, along with the transportation/release consent form, health form, student background form and other New York State required forms must be submitted as soon as possible. 

All of the above are available on our website preschool registration forms on our Preschool Tuition and Forms page

Please feel free to email us any questions you may have at or contact us in our office at (516) 334-1144.  Voicemails will receive prompt responses.

Michael Cohn, Red Robin Country Day School &Yours truly,

Michael Cohn, MSW/NYS E.M.T.




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Of course, parents should trust their own experience and instincts when choosing a school or camp. However, the critical decision about with whom to entrust your child should also be based on the program’s license, accreditations, and commitment to safety. Red Robin holds many such distinctions. They are a source of pride for us and can be a source of confidence for you.

Red Robin elects to maintain its accreditation with the American Camp Association (ACA).  This commitment requires Red Robin to adhere to many stringent standards and inspections, which help parents select camps that meet industry-accepted and government-recognized regulations.

In addition, our school is licensed by New York State.

We are also chartered by the New York State Education Department-Board of Regents.

We are permitted to operate by the Nassau County Health Department.

Red Robin is a peanut and tree nut free facility, one of many safeguards implemented to protect our students and campers.

Long Island Preschool Summer Camp Accreditation Nassau County Westbury
Long Island Preschool Summer Camp Accreditation Nassau County Westbury
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