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Real Reviews from the Parents and Staff of our Long Island Summer Campers

“Our son’s experience at Red Robin over the past two summers was awesome! We are extremely impressed with the camp’s counselors and administrators, who are always accessible and truly dedicated to making every day a great day! As an older camper, he loves the huge array of activities, their perfectly sized campus, and the incredible field trips. For our family, there is no other camp to consider because Red Robin is clearly the best!”

Joseph DeCiutiis, Esq.

“For the past three years, we’ve been sending our daughter and son to Red Robin for both camp and school. Each has experienced only love and nurturing care from their professional staff. They have always come home from Red Robin happier and smarter than when they left, confirming for me year after year that they were in the right place!”

Joanna Millman

“As both a parent and teacher, I wholeheartedly believe that Red Robin is a wonderful environment for children. Our son enjoys spending his summer days at camp and never wants them to end. Over the past four years, he has made lasting friendships and is already looking forward to returning to Red Robin next year.”

Sheri Susa

“All three of our children began their educational journey at Red Robin Country Day School and Camp.  We can personally attest to the wonderful, safe and fun learning environment created by Mr. Michael, Miss Sheryl and the entire staff.  We love knowing that the teachers and assistant teachers, some who have been at Red Robin for nearly 20 years, take personal joy in spending each day with their students.  They are always thinking of creative and personal ways to make learning come alive with real hands-on projects, like having the children bake brownies for the letter “B” or creating the human skeletal system with sticks in order to teach about the human body.  The staff even dresses up in costumes to teach and entertain the students, making learning not only fun, but interesting and exciting.

It is unique that the Owner/Director and the Educational/Program Director are both available every day to answer questions or address concerns, and even participate in class activities.

As parents, the Red Robin staff always makes us feel like family and not just another number.  They go above and beyond to accommodate us whenever and wherever possible, making juggling life so much easier.  Red Robin is so much more than an amazing place where your child will learn and have fun.  It is like a second home, where you always know your children are receiving tender loving care when you are not with them.”

Sofia and Oliver Palominos

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