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Miss Sheryl’s & Miss Jen’s 2/18/2022 Red Robin Preschool Newsletter

Sheryl Katz, Red Robin Country Day School &

Miss Sheryl

Dear Families,

What a plentiful week we had at Red Robin learning all about the letter “Pp”!  On Monday we had an amazing time celebrating Valentine’s Day. It was truly perfect! In the morning we got to work on our Pictionary Books. We added a “panda” to the book. We also practiced writing the letter “Pp”. We then got ready to start our Valentine’s Day celebration! We handed out the Valentine’s Day boxes that your children created so beautifully to hold all of their valentines from their friends. Your children handed out each of their valentines to their friends by placing them in their boxes. It was truly so special! Their boxes came out adorable!!!  After the distribution of Valentines we sat at our beautifully set and decorated table to have an “Ice Cream Sundae Party!” Your children had vanilla ice cream cups with whipped cream and red sprinkles. We had love music playing in the background for them to listen to while they were enjoying their delicious treat. During “Meeting Time” we learned all about our new letter “Pp”. Your children came up to show their homework to the class and discuss all of their letter “Pppictures. We then read the Valentine’s Day story Pinkalicious Pink of Hearts, by Victoria Kann.  The story was so special because not only was it about Valentine’s Day, it had so many letter “P” words that your children were very quick to notice!  Your children love the stories of Pinkalicious and requested I read more of them!  For lunch we had a “Pizza Party” for Valentine’s Day.  We want to extend a huge thank you again to the parents who sent in the pizza for the class. Your thoughtfulness and generosity is always appreciated!  After the pizza, we enjoyed some yummy treats for dessert! We had cupcakes, cookies, cheese doodles, Cheez-its and chips. Another huge thank you to the parents who sent in those snacks for our celebration!  Your children had a blast! Smiles were glued to their faces. 

In the afternoon we read two stories. The first one was The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. The second story was How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long. Your children loved the stories and were excited to find out that they were going to be given the option to make a project of either the Paper Bag Princess or the Pirate! We also sang and danced to the “Pirate Song” by Jack Hartman, which your children loved! 

On Tuesday we got to work on our Paper Bag Princesses and Pirates. First your children used water color to paint. If they picked the princess, they got to watercolor a dragon which is part of that story. If they were doing the pirate project they water colored the parrot to go on the pirate’s shoulder.  After they water colored, they cut out all of the pieces to their projects and put them together. They were so proud of them and can’t wait to show you. In the afternoon we did a polar bear counting and number recognition exercise as a group. I rolled up “snowballs” which each had a certain number of dots in the snowball. The numbers were 1-20. I gave the children their own placemats which had snowballs with numbers 1-20 on them as well. I went around the room and had each of your children pick a snowball and then count how many dots were on those snowballs. Then told the whole class to find that number on their placemats and trace it with an expo marker.  I was amazed to see how well your children did with this exercise. They were all so focused and on task and it really helped me learn that all of your children know their numbers. After this activity we went to our “meeting room” to discuss and learn about President’s Day. We talked about what it means to be president and what their role is for our country. We then read the story Abraham Lincoln My Itty Bitty Bio by Emma E Haldy. This book helped us learn that he was our 16th president as well as the many great things Abe did for our country.

Wednesday was “Pajama Day!”  Your children looked so adorable in their pajamas and had so much fun. We had pancakes for a snack with syrup and your children gobbled them all up they were so delicious.  We also worked on our President’s Day projects. Your children created Abraham Lincoln‘s log cabin. They cut and glued popsicle sticks onto a milk carton. They painted those popsicle sticks brown and then they cut out the chimney and added cotton balls to look like smoke coming out of the chimney. They added a penny to the log cabin, because we found out his face is on a penny and we built his house!!!  During meeting time we talked more about hibernation and migration. Your children know that hibernation means certain animals sleep during the winter and wake up when it’s spring time. They know that when these animals are sleeping their heart rates slow down which helps them to save energy. They know all about the different animals that hibernate. Ask them! They also know that migration means certain animals go to warmer places during the winter. They do this to find food and stay warm.

They also know about all the many different animals that migrate. Ask them about this too!  We also heard a special story in honor of pajama day called Mortimer by Robert Munsch. This read aloud was special and interactive and your children absolutely loved it! They were able to help me bring the story to life.  They caught onto the song involved in the story really quick. Were your children making noise instead of going to sleep on Wednesday night?  By any chance were they singing a song that goes l “Clang clang rattle bing bang gonna make my noise all day!!!”? That was the song Mortimer was singing at bedtime and driving his parents crazy, because he wouldn’t go to sleep! They thought the story was so funny. By any chance if they were singing this instead of going to sleep, it was not by any means my idea to read this story!  (Well maybe just a little.) LOL!!!  Maybe you could sing it at bedtime and see their reaction!!!   A point to be made here is that I didn’t use a book to tell the children the story.  I had them “turn on their imaginations”.   They were totally surprised at how much they enjoyed a story and there wasn’t any book!!!  Imagination is wonderful!!!  When you take a trip to the library with your children looking for something new to read… please look up Robert Munsch.  His books reflect every part of childhood in such an entertaining and fun way!

In the afternoon we did a “Let’s Find Out” and learned all about President George Washington.  Your children learned all about the story of a young George Washington who cut down his father’s beloved cherry tree. It was an important lesson for all the children to learn about telling the truth. Your children know that George Washington was the first president and had a huge impact on our country. Then we read a story about him and learned some more facts about his life and what he did during his presidency. He was also a soldier and fought in the French and Indian War. 

On Thursday morning we continued our “Lincoln Log President’s Day project.  We also added number six to our Number Books. During “Meeting Time” we learned about polar animals to go along with our letter “Pp” and our “Winter Theme”. They learned about many polar animals that live in the cold such as a penguin, ox, beluga whale, moose, walrus, polar bear, seal, reindeer, narwhal, orca, puffin fish and arctic wolf. We then read the story Best in Snow by April Sayre.

In the afternoon we added number 7 to our number books. We then read the story Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party by Kimberly and James Dean. Boy was there a lot of letter “Pp” words in this book! Your children LOVED pointing out the letter p words. We recalled all of them after by flipping through the book again.

On Friday morning we baked! We made chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles….YUM! Your children dipped the pretzels in melted chocolate, and added pink and purple sprinkles. We let them cool and ate them at snack time. They were delicious!!! We also did painting on the easel and used the colors pink and purple.  During meeting time we read Princesses Versus Dinosaurs by Linda Bailey. I asked your children whose team they would like to be on. They loved this!  In the afternoon we continued our hibernation and migration unit.  We completed a worksheet activity as a group. The children had to look at the animals on the sheet and determine if they hibernate or migrate. They were then able to cut and glue these animals into their correct boxes. They once again amazed me with how smart they are. We then sat in our meeting room to discuss all of the letter “Pp” words that we learned throughout the week, there were quite a lot of them!  Our chart was completely filled!  Then we tested our memories on how well we remembered the The Paper Bag Princess.  We took out the flannel board and retold the story in our own words while picking up the correct flannel board pieces and adding them one by one in sequential order on to the board.  It was challenging and so much fun!

Other Books Read:

  • The Princess and the Peas by Carly Hart
  • The Pout – Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen
  • Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton – a sing-along 

                                   picture book
***Next week there is no school. We hope you enjoy your winter break!!! We will miss all of you.  School will reopen Monday, February 28th.  When we return to school we will be learning all about the letter “Qq”.  Please send in pictures. Our “100th Day of School” is going to be here before you know it!

We will be sending home an activity to do at home with your child and bring back to school.  So be on the lookout!  

We are hoping that the last few “Flat Children” will come back to us after the break. 

As always, thank you for all that you do!!!


Miss Sheryl and Miss Jen 

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