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Miss Sheryl’s & Miss Jen’s 10/22/2021 Red Robin Preschool Newsletter

Dear Families,

Sheryl Katz, Red Robin Country Day School &

Miss Sheryl

We hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday weekend filled with wonderful memories.  Did your children entertain you with any of our “Turkey Songs?”  If not, I would suggest you check us out on our Facebook group.  We had some technical difficulties with Facebook-it only allowed about four songs out of nine – but it’s worth it!

We are already working on our holiday songs for Chanukah and Christmas – so get ready to “Fa, La, La” with your little performers.

After our four days’ rest, we got right back to work!  The letter “Ii” came with words like ice, icicles and ice cubes – just in time for a chill in the weather.  Please remember to send hats and gloves as needed because we go out as long as it’s not below freezing – your children never complain that they are cold!!!

We added “ice cream cones” to our Pictionary Books.  They look yummy!

The children learned the sign for “Ii” and the words idea and imagination.

We came up with a great IDEA to use our IMAGINATIONS.  We made INKBLOTS using red, orange, yellow, green and blue paints.  We folded the paper and then opened it up and splattered all the colors.  Then we folded the paper back up and rubbed the paint.  The children then reopened the folded paper and had to tell us what they imagined their creations were!

Here is what your children imagined…

Luca – “Fish”

Luciana – “Butterfly”

Mackenzie – “Unicorn”

Michael – “A Crab”

Fateh – “Butterfly”

Gabriel – “Mommy and Daddy”

Rocco – “A Puppy”

Logan – “An Elf”

…and you know what – Miss Jen and I agreed!

They were so fascinated and excited to open up the folded paper and see what their artwork looked like!  So much fun!

We hope you enjoyed the dreidels and “wiggly elves” we made!  We hope they add to your holiday decorations.

You can see your children are so busy.

For the next few weeks, we will be working on adding a few new pages to our All About Me Books.  We are adding their house and address, their phone number, as well as the emergency number.  As a reminder this book will not be coming home until graduation in June.  After these pages we will get to talk about mom, dad and any siblings – as well as their artistic rendering of their family members.  

On Monday, in honor of Chanukah we played the “Dreidel Game”.  Every child got the same amount of chocolate chips to play with.  They then took turns spinning the dreidel – and seeing what side it landed on.  Depending on the Hebrew letter the children either had to put a chip in, take half of the chips in the pot, all of the chips or none!  The boys and girls loved learning a new game, as well as eating some chocolate, too!  On Friday we cooked and tasted latkes -with and without applesauce.  The children loved them!!!

If any family has another holiday that they celebrate at this time or anytime during the year, we would love to know about it.  Please share with us your customs and traditions and we will talk about it in our class.

***We also had our very first “Queen for the Day” -Mackenzie!!!   The children got to enjoy her special snack, book and photos.  She also got to be the helper of the day and line leader!  She received a special crown and we created a body painting of her that will hang in the “Red Robin Castle”.  So much fun!  Get ready for the royal declaration to come home to your house!

We have begun reading many holiday books.  So far, we read The Runaway Latke, Finding Christmas, Hooray for Hanukkah, I Do Not Like Books Anymore, Inch by Inch and It’s Hanukkah just to name a few!

There is so much more to come!  The year is flying by!

I cannot say it enough what a special year this has been for me.  Your children make every day special.  I have always said as I look back on a career that spans 45 years and counting – children have always given much more than I could ever give them.  I revel in the friendships and love that have blossomed between these children in such a short time.  They truly care and look after each other.  It is so heartwarming at a time of so much uncertainty.  I thank you so much for this opportunity, and just as important I feel very fortunate to have you as the parents of these children.  I love that I get to chat with you whenever necessary, as well as to just tell you a funny anecdote or see a cute photo or video that you send to me.

We have entered the month of December and with it comes all the anticipation of a beautiful holiday season.  Your children know that Miss Sheryl has two phones in the office.  One is red and goes directly to the man in the big red suit, and the other phone is blue and goes straight to Chanukah Harry.  They are definitely on their best behavior! LOL!  Wishing you all the wonders of the season.

We will move on to the letter “Jj” next week.  It comes at an appropriate time to wish you all joy!

Have a jolly weekend!


Miss Sheryl and Miss Jen


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Long Island Preschool Summer Camp Accreditation Nassau County Westbury
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