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Miss Lori’s Nursery School Newsletter for May 20

Long Island Nursery Pre-K Teacher Lori

Dear Nursery Families,

      As I write this newsletter to you, I cannot contain my excitement!!!  I am EXTREMELY excited for our “Moving up Ceremony” next Thursday at 11:00 A.M.!  To finally see the children again will be the biggest gift to me and I am now counting down the days.  As I think of each child, I get such a big smile on my face.  I have come to know them so well after spending so much time with them this year, despite everything that has gone on.  I love “zooming” with them- it has been a learning experience for us all.  I look forward to “seeing “my children every Monday and Thursday.  I like seeing them in their p.j.’s or in their room, on the couch, or with their favorite toy.  This experience has let me into their home life a bit and it’s a lot of fun!!!

      Although we are having fun while we zoom, after I hit the “end meeting” tab, I know many of your children become very sad, and some even cry.  It is sad for ME, and I’m an adult trying to deal with our new world.  It is so difficult for your children to deal with and accept what has been happening.  All they want is to go to school, learn during circle time, listen to stories, paint, create all types of amazing projects and crafts to bring home to their families, play with all of their friends and go outside to the playground which the children love so much! It is no wonder why so many children are sad, upset, angry and confused!  I have come across two books geared toward young children which might be helpful. The first one is called Fiona Flamingo, which is a book used to help children understand their feelings.  It is recommended by Pediatricians for 3-8 year old children. The author is Rachel Urrutia Chu. The publisher is Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream Publishing.  There is also a “you- tube” video for you to watch.  The second book is called Anna and the Germ That Came to Visit, by Christianne Klein.  Their website is “THEGERMBOOK.COM”.  It is about talking to your young children about this pandemic and how it has changed the world.  Possibly one or both of these books can be helpful for your children.

      Next week’s scheduled Zoom meetings need to be changed.  Monday is Memorial Day so the children that were due to present Monday will now go on Tuesday.  Next Thursday is our “Moving Up Ceremony” so we will move those children to Friday also at 11:00.  To re-cap, the schedule is as follows: Thursday, May 21- Nate ,Mason, Adam, Liam and Skyler.  Next Tuesday, May 26- Niam, Mona, Ally, Luisa, Myles.  Next Friday, May 29: Aadam, Sahana, Aragon Mehnaz and Sage.  Our LAST zoom session will be on MONDAY, JUNE 1 at 11:00.  We will use this session to chat and ultimately say a “zoom” good-bye.  However, I can always be reached via cell, text, e-mail and face-time during the summer months.  !!!

I am looking forward to our “zoom” presentations Thursday at 11:00. In the meantime, stay well and please give your child a HUGE hug from Miss Lori.


                            Miss Lori


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Of course, parents should trust their own experience and instincts when choosing a school or camp. However, the critical decision about with whom to entrust your child should also be based on the program’s license, accreditations, and commitment to safety. Red Robin holds many such distinctions. They are a source of pride for us and can be a source of confidence for you.

Red Robin elects to maintain its accreditation with the American Camp Association (ACA).  This commitment requires Red Robin to adhere to many stringent standards and inspections, which help parents select camps that meet industry-accepted and government-recognized regulations.

In addition, our school is licensed by New York State.

We are also chartered by the New York State Education Department-Board of Regents.

We are permitted to operate by the Nassau County Health Department.

Red Robin is a peanut and tree nut free facility, one of many safeguards implemented to protect our students and campers.

Long Island Preschool Summer Camp Accreditation Nassau County Westbury
Long Island Preschool Summer Camp Accreditation Nassau County Westbury
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