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Miss Lori’s & Miss Kristine’s 10/29/2021 Red Robin Preschool Newsletter

Long Island Nursery Pre-K Teacher Lori

Dear Families,

This Week we learned about the letter “Ee”.  We made different color eyeballs all over our huge letter “Ee”.  Our friend Ethan is on our letter board along with many “Ee” pictures.  We made an Elephant for our Alphabet book.      

Our class had a delicious snack this week!  We baked pumpkin muffins!  I was very proud of the children, not only did everyone taste the muffin but they devoured the muffin!  The boys and girls really seem to enjoy cooking.  We incorporate math (counting and measuring) as well as science (watching liquids turn into solids!)  Each of the children take turns mixing and holding the bowl for their friends as we count to ten as a class. 

We are all so excited for our Halloween celebration this Friday!  As a reminder, all children must come to school in their full costume. (If they are nervous or unsure about wearing one-please pack it up –usually once they see everyone is dressed they change their mind.  If your child stays for lunch, please make sure to send a change of clothing in a Ziploc with your child’s name on the bag.  Please feel free to send in a store bought peanut and tree nut free snack for our Halloween party.

All of your children made a beautiful “Fall Color Book” that is coming home with your child.  We have read many stories about Fall, colors and mixing colors.  We have also read an interactive, spooky Halloween story that your children loved entitled Inside a House That Is Haunted by Alyssa Satin Capucilli.  When we go outside each day we look forward to observing the changing colors of the leaves!  We are seeing some trees with leaves that are completely yellow as well as some trees that are completely red!  Of course all of the boys and girls enjoy crunching and jumping in fallen leaves!  For a fun activity, I played scary Halloween music while the children danced around the room.  All over the floor were different shapes and colors.  As I stopped the music I would give a direction such as “sit down on the brown circle or “put your head on the red square”.  We continued to play the game only one child was left!  This was also a terrific and fun reinforcement for colors and shapes!

Just a few reminders:

  • Please make sure to send in an empty, 16 ounce, “Coffee Mate” brand creamer with a flip top for a special project your child is making. I still need one for a few children.  Please make sure to label the bottle.  Once again, every child needs one.
  • Please send one empty paper towel roll. Each child will need one of these as well.
  • Conference sign-up sheets were sent home. Please make sure to fill them out and send them back as soon as possible. I am still missing a few of these.

                 Thank you all in advance!

Have a safe, fun and memorable Halloween with your children!


Miss Lori and Miss Kristine

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Long Island Preschool Summer Camp Accreditation Nassau County Westbury
Long Island Preschool Summer Camp Accreditation Nassau County Westbury
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