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Miss Lori’s 3/19/2021 Red Robin Preschool Newsletter

Long Island Nursery Pre-K Teacher Lori

This was an exciting week!  We had so much fun searching for the Little Leprechaun!  When we arrived in our classroom on Wednesday our eyes couldn’t believe what we saw!  Green footprints were on the ceiling, by the exit door and on our wall!  Our rooms were filled with upside down chairs, toys on the floor (we never leave a mess!) green water with a half eaten cookie (the leprechaun was kind enough to leave us a package of green cookies as well!!!) and written notes all around the rooms!  Even our toilet water was green!!!  We tiptoed outside to catch the Little Leprechaun, but no luck!  He or she is just way too fast for our feet!

March has come in like a “Lion” this week the children said.  We were also able to see stratus clouds outside, as the rain was approaching.  Our class always enjoys being weather people when we go outside now.  The boys and girls were so excited when we made our volcano at the end of last week.  Each time we mixed the ingredients, we made the volcano bigger and bigger!  The children’s screams were heard throughout Red Robin!!!

During lesson time we introduced the letter “Tt”.  We have many terrific pictures hanging on our letter board.  Some of the children made a “Tigger” puppet and some children made “Tigger” for their Alphabet Book.  All of the children had a turn thinking of a “Tt” word.  We all can’t wait for our “Tea Party” on Friday with Miss Tallulah T. Potts.  Rumor has it her tea cookies are tasty and tantalizing!

Next week we will begin talking about Passover, Easter and our new season – Spring!  We will be busy creating some wonderful masterpieces for the holidays.  Our class will be dying Easter eggs and we will have an Easter egg hunt too!  Next Friday, March 26th we will have our “Spring Party”.  Please feel free to send in a peanut free, tree nut free store bought snack for our class party.

Have a tremendously fun –first weekend of Spring!


Miss Lori and Miss Kristine


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Of course, parents should trust their own experience and instincts when choosing a school or camp. However, the critical decision about with whom to entrust your child should also be based on the program’s license, accreditations, and commitment to safety. Red Robin holds many such distinctions. They are a source of pride for us and can be a source of confidence for you.

Red Robin elects to maintain its accreditation with the American Camp Association (ACA).  This commitment requires Red Robin to adhere to many stringent standards and inspections, which help parents select camps that meet industry-accepted and government-recognized regulations.

In addition, our school is licensed by New York State.

We are also chartered by the New York State Education Department-Board of Regents.

We are permitted to operate by the Nassau County Health Department.

Red Robin is a peanut and tree nut free facility, one of many safeguards implemented to protect our students and campers.

Long Island Preschool Summer Camp Accreditation Nassau County Westbury
Long Island Preschool Summer Camp Accreditation Nassau County Westbury
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