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To all of our Toddler Families,

 What an amazing week we had in the Toddler Class!!!

       The first thing we did was finish up decorating all of our beautiful “Spring Gardens.”  We made them ready for planting!  Your children are in the process of planting Zinnia seeds.  They are learning that plants need soil, water and plenty of sun.  Keep your fingers crossed that we have plenty of green thumbs in the classroom.  We will take care of them until they are ready to come home.  We will be reading two books this week about planting; The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss and then it’s spring by Julie Fogliano.

       Our caterpillars sure are changing since we got them last week.

They started out “teeny tiny” and now they are HUGE!!!  We think they might be in their chrysalis when we get back to school on Monday ~ we’ll wait and see.  Your children have been reading many books about caterpillars and other creatures that are starting to appear as the weather gets warmer.  I think their favorite is still The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  They love seeing the caterpillar eat some of their favorite foods, especially all in one day!

       Lights! Cameras! PROM!!!  Thursday and Friday were truly so much fun in the Toddler room.  Upon arrival the children were greeted by the paparazzi on their very own red carpet.  Your children were adorable!  They received crowns for their royal heads once inside the classroom.  After all, the theme was “Once Upon a Time.”  Purple and white streamers cascaded from the ceiling.  Swirly silver decorations and stars adorned the room as well.  Our Welcome to Prom sign was elegantly displayed by our lesson board.  Dance music was playing and fruit punch from our magnificent punch bowl was flowing.  We took the opportunity to practice for graduation in our beautiful attire.  (Kind of a “dress rehearsal.”)  The children then sat down to a table fit for Princesses and their Princes decorated in purple and white tablecloths-purple and white cups and plates ~ topped with cupcakes, pretzels and punch.  Snack was followed by a photo session in front of our “Class of 2016” sign.  The children wore their Prom King and Queen sashes proudly.  Then it was time for dancing!  The dancing was followed by an enthusiastic round of Musical Chairs and a rock and roll version of the “Hokey Pokey.”  We then relaxed before the clock struck 12:00pm and listened to some Fairytales.  How fitting!  Fun was had by all the teachers and the children!!!  What a memorable day!!!  Our wish for you and your children is that everyone will live “Happily ever after!”

       This week we will focus on a very special holiday that we will be recognizing next Monday.  It is Memorial Day.  The children are going to learn why it is so important to all Americans.  They will be making a special project in honor of this day.  Your children do stand very proudly when they recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day in our classroom. It always touches my heart when I see a class of such young children turn to the flag and pledge.  As you all know I am teaching for over 40 years ~ but that sight never gets old.


       We will do a hat fitting this Thursday and Friday for our End of the Year Show.  Please have your daughter’s hair styled the way it will be worn on June 9th.  We will assume that if your daughter is in school on Thursday that is the way she will wear her hair. (Including any headband or bow.)  Even if she comes on Friday we will size your daughter on Thursday unless you tell us otherwise.  Please don’t worry or stress if you forget-we will adjust it if you let us know.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me.  We are hoping to make the hats comfortable, as well as stay on longer and fit as best as they can.

It’s going to be a great day!!!

Thanks for all your help in advance!!!  You are all so helpful, whether it’s a holiday party, Rainbow Catchers, milk containers, Prom ~ you’re the best!!!


Miss Sheryl


Monday, May 30th                      School Closed in honor of Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 31st                       Jackson’s Birthday

Wednesday, June 8                    Last Full Day of School

Thursday, June 9th                     End of the Year Show

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