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Dear Pre-K Families,

What a great first week we had in Pre-K!!!  The boys and girls have met new friends and have begun adjusting to a new routine already!!!  After just a few days, the children come upstairs, take off their sweaters or jackets, if they have them, put them in their backpacks, take out their lunch and folders, and hang up their backpacks.  They are quickly becoming independent, big boys and girls.  We are constantly using everyone’s names so that we quickly become familiar with each other.  We played a getting to know you game as well, called “Doggy, Doggy Where’s Your Bone?”  One friend will hide his or her eyes while another friend sits on a bone.  No one tells the child who hid his or her eyes which friend is sitting on the bone as they guess the names of the children who might be sitting on the bone.  We had a lot of fun playing this game.

I hope that you have all enjoyed the work that has come home so far.  Your children had a great time water coloring the picture of the boy or girl they were given as they told me what their favorite activity was at school.  Your children also completed a worksheet by drawing themselves, their favorite food, their favorite color, and their favorite things to do.  You will find this in their folder.  Our class begin making their “Summer Tree” for our “Season’s Tree Chart”.

I have truly enjoyed our circle time with the class.  Your children are excited to learn and they have all paid close attention as we discussed the following topics: 1. The date, month, day of the week, number to put on the calendar, and the year; 2. The “teacher helper” (this is a job), who takes a rubber ball for each day that we are in school and place it into a container.  We will be doing this every day, counting cumulatively until we reach the 100th day of school; 3. The alphabet, names of the months and seasons.  Finally, during circle time the children will work toward recognizing and spelling their names on their attendance cards.

I have begun writing with your children.  We started off this exercise drawing straight lines, slanted lines, and curved lines.  All of these shapes make up the letters of the alphabet!!!  We will be using a dry erase board, as well as handwriting worksheets.

We graphed all of the names in our class.  We discovered which name has the most letters amongst the boys and amongst the girls.  It was really fun for them to actually see each name spelled out in different colors on a graph!!!  We had so much fun with this activity!!!

Speaking of fun, we are thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous weather!!!  The children are having a blast on the playgrounds.  We have brought out bubbles, and sand toys.  Inside the classroom, we also had lots of fun.  The children have been working with all sorts of puzzles (sometimes this is a team effort!), playing with playdoh, and singing songs to CD’s.  Much more fun is in store, so please stay tuned!

I am very happy with the way our year has begun.  All of your children are laughing and smiling when they are in school.  As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have at (516) 334-1144.  Enjoy the weekend!!!


Miss Lori

*Reminder- Please make sure to send in a labeled pocket folder with your child everyday.  I am also still waiting for a few pictures of your children to put up on my board.

*Important Reminder- Please make sure to read the labels of the food items sent to school.  All food must be nut free.  Additionally, the labels cannot read that the food was made in a plant that contains nuts.

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