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Dear Parents,

            We are spending a lot more time outdoors where we blow on dandelion puffs and send wishes flying through the air!  We are also smelling the flowers, catching bugs and observing birds.  Spring is such an amazing season.

            We continue to watch our very hungry caterpillars eating and growing and are anxious for them to begin spinning their cocoons!  Metamorphosis is a pretty big word for these little students.  Ask them what it means.  Last week some of the children voiced restlessness. They said, “It’s taking too long for the caterpillars to change.”  I would gently remind them that these things take time and that the result will be worth their wait.  As parents, I’m sure you can empathize with the daily impatience shared by the children.  A similar impatience often accompanies the endless responsibilities of raising a child. We impatiently wait for the potty training nightmare to be a thing of the past.  We become anxious for kindergarten because going grocery shopping or going to the bathroom ALONE sounds like a heavenly prospect!  Like the children, while anticipating the next milestone we need to be patient enough to treasure each moment.  In the blink of an eye it all changes.  Those days which may seem to take an eternity, pass all too quickly. The realization comes all too soon….that moments are truly fleeting and the days we wished away are now gone forever!  Your children are spreading their wings!  Hold onto them for as long as you can before they fly away.

            Our Community Helper theme is going strong!  On Monday, Mrs. Jubraj, a flight attendant with American Airlines, came to visit and explained to us what it takes to work at 30,000 feet in the sky!!!  Wearing her smart and elegantly fitted in-flight uniform, Mrs. Jubraj first asked the children, based on her appearance, if they could guess what kind of work she does. Ryan immediately raised his hand and with a bit of uncertainty, asked… “President??”  Clara also raised her hand and asked if she flew a plane.  Both great answers!  Mrs. Jubraj proceeded to explain her job as a flight attendant and the role she plays as community helper.  She told us that while the most visible part of her job may be safety demonstrations and serving refreshments the flight crew must also be trained to deal with unexpected emergencies such as aircraft evacuation, cabin fires or first aid situations.  All future travelers were handed a boarding pass to Paris and a tiny travel bag filled with a flight log book, airplane sticker and wings!!!  What fun!!!  Because crew members are the face of the airline, they are expected to excel in customer service. It is easy to see why this is a perfect job for Logan’s Mommy.  She is always warm, friendly, approachable and enthusiastic!  Thank you for giving the children an idea of the whole travel process and for encouraging their dreams to take flight!!!

            On Friday, Mrs. Kilgo volunteered her time.  She introduced the children to the wonderful world of advertising.  Mrs. Kilgo who works in NYC explained how people like herself in Advertising Sales, get the word out about a new product.  She talked about the marketing strategies of Disney and McDonalds and how 3 & 4 year olds have already developed some pretty specific brand preferences.  Mrs. Kilgo showed them the word DISNEY and although most of the children can’t read yet, they most certainly recognized it!  She spoke about how advertisers use easy to remember logos like the McDonald’s golden arches or their catchy slogan….“I’m loving it!” to advertise. That got the children all chatty about their favorite happy meal toys!  Showing them the Disney logo prompted them to talk about their favorite shows!  At the end of her presentation, Mrs. Kilgo asked the children what they wanted to be when they grow up.  She told them the world was their oyster!  Although there were a few veterinarians and teachers in the group most wanted to simply be “bigger!”  As Peter Pan once said…. “All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!”  Thank you Mrs. Kilgo for inspiring them to be the best they can be!

            We review our alphabet daily, focusing on the sounds that letters make.  Numbers, colors and shapes are also reinforced.

            This week we will be busy making our super, special Father’s Day gifts, and learn about Memorial Day.  Sometimes the true meaning is lost because the focus is on backyard barbeques and a day off from school.  Telling children that people who don’t even know them care enough about them and our country to die for our freedom is one of the most important things we can teach them.

            Enjoy the week!


Miss Joanne


Birthdays in May:

Ajaye                                                  5/26

Ahren                                                 5/31

Birthdays in June:

Ryan                                                   6/10

Olivia                                                 6/18

Clara                                                  6/22


Dates to Remember:

May 30th                                                         School closed – Memorial Day

June 8th                                                           Last Day of Classes

June 9th                                                           End-of-the-Year Show!!!!



            On behalf of the entire nursery class, I would like to congratulate the Angell family on their newest family member! Wishing you joy and happiness with the arrival of your baby boy!!


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