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Dear Parents,

            What can I say about the exquisite wedding on Wednesday?! It was PRICELESS! The nursery class celebrated the marriage of letters Q & U in a service complete with the wedding march, white aisle runner, paper bells, balloons, flowers, rose petals and champagne!!! Our class, representing other letters of the alphabet and students from Pre-K and Toddlers, were guests at a marriage ceremony guaranteed to last a lifetime. The union taught the children that the letters Q & U are hardly ever separated in the English language. The girls dressed in beautiful skirts and dresses, adorned flowered veils and wore wrist corsages. The boys were equally debonair and wore boutonnieres. Miss Sheryl and Mr. Joe were the officiate extraordinaire at Q & U’s wedding and both played their part as the Rabbi and Priest flawlessly. Joey, representing letter U, and Markela, representing letter Q were hands down, the CUTEST bride and groom! The petal-throwers aka Maya and Vihaan, worked together, and took their job very seriously scattering rose petals along the bridal path. Never underestimate the power of the buddy system! Their preciousness made all the guests smile. With minimal coaxing letters Q & U then repeated their vows, and promised to work together in words. Right on cue and next in the spotlight was our adorable ring-bearer, Marco. He was proud and confident carrying the pretty ring pillow and diamond. The gigantic smile told us how much our bride enjoyed her sparkling jewel!!!   Keeping the ceremony diverse, the traditional Jewish custom “breaking the glass” was implemented and on cue, Joey crushed the wine glass with his foot! Many believe that this custom represents hope for abundant happiness still others argue (and this is my favorite), that it’s the last time the groom gets to “put his foot down!” Following a popular African tradition called “Jumping the Broom,” the bride and groom once again obeyed and in unison quickly moved over it symbolizing the start of their life together. After the ceremony there were cheers of Mazel Tov and heartfelt congratulations! I almost cried but I think my adrenaline was pumping so much I just couldn’t!  The children then gathered for a wedding reception complete with dancing, wedding cupcakes, and plenty of champagne (apple juice)!!! Once the vows were exchanged and the reception was over, Q & U made a grand exit in their “little tyke’s cozy coupes”. The train of red solo cups and streamers trailing from the rear bumper made it even more memorable! It was quaint and quirky and we wished quadruple blessings on Q & U’s union. There is no question they will be happy together. Parents, because no wedding is complete without photographs, check us out on Facebook!!! A special thanks from Q & U for your thoughtful gifts and good wishes!!

            Throughout the week it was explained to the children that letter “Uu” is one of those letters that sometimes has the same sound as its name. Examples were given of words that start with the “long-u” sound, such as unicorn and the United States. Examples of “short-u” were also given such as umbrella and under. To further reinforce the letter, the children stamped umbrellas onto their pre-cut U-s and water colored some unique unicorns! We also had some super fun painting like Michelangelo! We taped large sheets of paper to the underside of the tables and gave the children a bunch of markers.

           They quickly fell in love with drawing in this unlikely art-making location! Each child was under the table for so long, we couldn’t wait to see what they created. Let’s just say….they were simple creations but the children sure were proud of them!!! We have a lot of budding artists in the nursery! It’s a great activity for students struggling with fine motor skills. It builds strength in their pincer grip. FUN FACT: Michelangelo spent FOUR years on his back painting the Sistine Chapel in Rome. FOUR years!!!! (The seed has been planted!!)

           In the up-coming weeks we will be welcoming spring into our classroom. We will learn about the changes taking place. We will also be focusing on Easter and Passover. Since Easter eggs and the Easter bunny symbolize fertility and new life, we will center our crafts on rabbits, chicks, baskets and colored eggs! Since the Passover Seder also celebrates new beginnings, we will make our own Seder plate and learn about the special foods we eat at the Seder table.

           With only five letters left to learn in our alphabet, this week we will spotlight the letter “Vv”. In math we will review all of our numbers and shapes.

           We cannot believe that it is nearly April! Thank you for your support throughout the year. We feel very lucky to have such a close partnership with all of our parents and continue to have SO much fun with your children!!

            Enjoy the week!


                                                                        Miss Joanne and Miss Sam


Birthdays in March:

Fiona                                                            3/23


Dates to Remember:

April 10th – April 18th                             School Closed for Religious Observance

April 19th                                                      Welcome Back!



On behalf of the entire nursery class, we would like to congratulate the Reidel family on their newest family member! Anaisa is a big sister! Wishing you joy and happiness with the arrival of your baby boy!


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