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Dear Families:

As we end March and begin April, we will return to a familiar color of the week—yellow. We started our year with yellow but did not have a Rainbow Catcher adventure with it. Our shape of the month of April will be a star. We look forward to exciting adventures with our color and shape.

The weather is beautiful, and we will be going outside as often as possible. If you have given us permission to use sunscreen, please remember to provide us with a labeled bottle for your child.

With spring in full swing, we will be learning about caterpillars and butterflies. We will start an Eric Carle unit in order to learn about many different insects. Our classroom will receive caterpillars to watch as they grow and metamorphasize.

Flowers and ducks will abound as we jump into spring. We will read books such as Make Way for Ducklings, Angus and the Ducks, The Tiny Seed, and Planting a Rainbow.

It’s hard to believe that our year is almost over. That means getting ready for our end of year show. We have been practicing The Pledge of Allegiance. We are now planning our songs to sing and entertain you, as well as, walking in a line into the show. It is very exciting and we look forward to it.

Looking forward to a wonderful week,

Miss Louise, Miss Enedina, Miss Jade & Mr. Joe

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