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Dear Parents,

     It is hard to believe that the school year is so rapidly coming to a close!  We have completed the alphabet and our letter puppets.  We will be reviewing letters and the sounds they make, as well as sight words and numbers. I will be sending home a review packet to work on to help prepare your child for Kindergarten. Please work on it when you have time.

     Our unit on dinosaurs was a lot of fun.  The children were really into it and they learned a lot.  Herbivores (plant eating dinosaurs) and carnivores (meat eating dinosaurs) were the topic of many lessons.  I’m sure your child can explain to you how to figure out which dinosaurs are herbivores and which dinosaurs are carnivores.  Creating a “Dinosaur Days” project with each of them added to the excitement. Your positive complimentary comments about the project were very rewarding to us!  Thank You!

     Our spring curriculum involves planting seeds and waiting for them to germinate and sprout. They will learn the meaning of the word PATIENCE.  We will be planting this week.  Hopefully they will be growing strong by the time school ends. 

     Another lesson involving patience comes with the arrival of our little caterpillars. We started learning about the life cycle of a butterfly this past week.  We will be watching them daily and observing the changes.  It is our up-close experience of the life cycle of a butterfly!  It is so exciting to learn about these beautiful creatures!  We can’t wait to see our beautiful Painted Lady Monarch Butterflies emerge.  It is such an amazing learning experience for all of us!  Hopefully the weather will be warm enough for us to release them from our indoor butterfly garden when the time comes..

      The remainder of the school year will be a lot of fun.  We have started a unit on the Human Body and the children are really into it.  They are soaking up facts that we learn about our bodies daily. 

       We have been practicing for our End-of-the-Year Show and Graduation Ceremony.  The children are very excited and are looking forward to performing for you!  Our last day of classes at Red Robin is on Wednesday, June 8th.  Our show will be on Thursday, June 9th at 11 o’clock (at Westbury Manor on Jericho Turnpike in Westbury).  Please arrive with your child by 10:45 AM.  If your child is unable to attend, please let us know.

     I have asked for family photos (about 8-10) for a special prop for our show.  If you haven’t sent them in yet I would greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this request.

     If you would like to celebrate your child’s summer birthday with our class, please call to schedule a date. 

      I would like to thank each of you for a wonderful teaching experience with your child.  Thank you for your support and cooperation all year!      


                                                Miss Anne

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