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Dear Pre-K Families,

The upper and lower case “Uu” was introduced this week.  We discussed the two sounds the letter “Uu” makes.  The children know that the letter “Uu” is a vowel as well.  Everyone made an “Ursula Umbrella” puppet and we made a list of “Uu” words.

We have continued our unit on “Weather”.  This week we spoke about volcanoes and earthquakes.  A map was used to show the girls and boys where this type of weather mostly takes place.  (Nice and far away!)  Each child created their own erupting volcano with red lava flowing over the soil!  The screams were so loud each and every time the red vinegar and baking soda reacted with each other, spurting up red lava!  All of us are hoping that spring like weather is not far away!  We have been reading about the way the weather changes in the spring as well as what the children can do outdoors, what starts to grow and how the animals come out of hibernation.

We are beginning a unit on Dinosaurs shortly.  Each child is creating their very own, very large dinosaur mural!  This is a work of art as well as a work in progress.  Our class is so excited to begin this unit!

Lots of fun and exciting learning is going on here at Red Robin!


Enjoy your weekend




Miss Lori and Miss Kristine

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