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Dear Pre-K Families,

The upper and lower case “Tt” was introduced this week.  We discussed the sound the letter makes and thought of many words that begin with the sound the “t” makes.  Many of the children are reading the words on our letter chart we make each week!  The children made a “Tigger the Tiger” puppet.  Another page was completed in our alphabet book.  They cut out “ten tiny tulips” for their garden.

We had a very special visitor come to our class this week.  “Miss Tallulah” came to our class to teach us about “Tea Party Etiquette” (A.K.A Miss Sheryl!  Check out the Facebook page!)  The boys and girls had a great time eating the letter “T” cookies Miss Tallulah baked and learned great manners while they were drinking their “tea” with their pinky’s up! We all had so much fun!!

Our class was anticipating the arrival of a leprechaun here at school.  Everyone made their own leprechaun and named their leprechaun, which is decorating our classroom.  The boys and girls discussed what they would do if they could actually catch a leprechaun!  We have been reading many stories about St. Patrick’s Day.  The girls and boys couldn’t wait to see if anything happened to our classroom!  As they came up the stairs they saw that our classroom was turned upside down by the leprechaun!  We found our table was moved into the room with the toys, the chairs were knocked over, and green footprints were everywhere!  There were big ones and little ones on our exit door, the tables, chairs, and carpet had footprints, too!!! We even had green milk and cookies, as well as green bagels for snack!!!  We went outside to try and catch the leprechaun, but “he” was too fast for us!  We saw green feet, but couldn’t catch the leprechaun!  When we came inside we found gold coins and chocolate all over our classroom!  What an exciting day!!!

We were able to enjoy the playground this week when we had a taste of spring at school!  We are all so excited to change our Seasons Tree to Spring!!!  We are counting down the days!

We completed another page in our “All About Me” book.  The children had to draw their family as well as their pets.  They are really paying attention to detail while they draw now.  Just wait until you see this book in June.  It is a great keepsake!

We will begin our unit on Dinosaurs next week.  Each child will create their very own, very large dinosaur mural!  This will be a work of art as well as a work in progress!  The children are so excited to discuss dinosaurs.  We will be studying six different types of dinosaurs in depth: Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus-Rex, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Apatosaurus, and Triceratops.

We have also begun finally celebrating the start of Spring!!!  We will happily be sending home the children’s winter projects!  The boys and girls have made a spring bulletin board titled “Walking Through Spring.”  Their feet were painted different spring colors, which we cut out and hung on our door.  They made gorgeous flowers as well.  We will also be making butterflies, umbrellas, and a large class bumblebee!

Next week we will continue working on our dinosaur mural, and discussing the changes that come along with the season of Spring.

Enjoy your weekend!



Miss Lori and Miss Kristine

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