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Dear Pre-K Families,

We welcome back all of your children from our winter break.  We hope all of our families enjoyed their holiday time together!  Your children were so excited to tell us how their parents enjoyed the holiday gift the children gave all of you!  All of the boys and girls were so excited to see each other.  They were telling each other that the month is January and the New Year is 2016!  Each of your children shared some of their special thoughts from their winter vacation at home with their families.

We are back into the swing of things here at Red Robin.  Winter has finally made its arrival!  We began discussing winter and how animals live in the cold months.  We used the smart board to learn about penguins.  The penguins were so adorable when we saw the babies hatch.  The children were pretending to be penguins and took turns waddling around the classroom.  We read a story about an adorable penguin Cuddly Dudley by Jez Alborough.  We also used the smart board to learn about the changes in climate from one season to the next.  The girls and boys saw what happens to water (a liquid) when it is poured, and how it flows and changes its shape.  They also saw what happens when water freezes (a solid) and how all solids keep their shape.  We discussed that the temperature needs to be below 32 degrees Fahrenheit in order for water to freeze.  Our class made an ice skating pond for our door and made their own penguins on ice skates to decorate the pond!  The children love seeing their work displayed on our door!  To go along with this unit, we read Lets Find Out, weekly reader.  We learned about how some countries use ice to build with!  None of the children could imagine living in a building made out of ice!!!

We introduced the letter “Kk” this week.  We thought of many words that begin with the letter “Kk” and realized that two of our friends begin with the letter of the week-Kamran and Miss Kristine!  Each child made a “Kooky Kookaburra” puppet and practiced writing the upper and lower case “Kk”.

We made our winter tree this week for our “Seasons Tree” project that will come home in June.  We decorated the tree with snow paint and glitter!  We also read the book called Snowballs, by Lois Ehlert.  Each of the girls and boys made their own snow person.  Some children made a “snow mommy”, a “snow dog” or themselves as a snow person.  We are all enjoying being back together here at Red Robin.  We have been very busy having fun and getting smart at the same time!

Enjoy your weekend



Miss Lori and Miss Kristine


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