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Dear Pre-K Families,

We introduced the letter “Ll” last week and the letter “Mm” this week.  We thought of many words that begin with the letter “Ll” and realized Miss Lori begins with the letter “Ll”.  The children made a “Lionel Lion” puppet and practiced writing the upper and lower case “Ll”.  They also made a “Minnie” or “Mickey” Mouse puppet.

Our class has been talking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We have read books and also learned about him from our “Weekly Reader”.  The girls and boys feel very strongly that the laws back then were extremely wrong and unfair.  Each of the children made a picture depicting their idea of what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for and they wrote their thoughts as well.

We have begun a unit on “The Five Senses”.  Last week we focused on the sense of “taste”.  We baked banana bread.  The children devoured the banana bread that each of them helped to bake.  We spoke about the fact that baking used more than one sense at a time- we used our sense of smell, sight, touch and taste!  Last week we also made shakers for the sense of hearing.  We took turns speaking softly then loudly, covering our ears and doing this all over again.  The class had so much fun doing this activity!  This week we discussed the sense of “touch”.  We made snow playdoh!  The children loved this activity.  We have continued to cover each of the five senses and you will see their book come home today!

**Please sign up for Parent Teacher conferences on January 27.  A note came home with your child last Wednesday.

Enjoy the weekend!



Miss Lori and Miss Kristine

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