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November 13, 2015 News Flash from Miss Lori’s Pre-K Class

Dear Pre-K Families,

The upper and lower case “Ee” was introduced this week.  We discussed the sound the letter makes and discussed that the letter “Ee” is a vowel.  The children know a vowel makes two sounds, the long “e” and the short “e” and that the long “e” says its name.  In addition, each child made an “Ellie the Elephant” puppet and wrote the upper and lower case “Ee”.

We took a beautiful nature walk this week while we enjoyed the gorgeous weather!  The boys and girls collected different colored leaves, acorns, pinecones, twigs, and pine needles.  I read a book called Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.  The book shows how blowing leaves and fall items can look like all different things when put together.  Some pictures the children found were a chicken, a turtle, a bird, and a duck.  Your children thought about what they wanted to create using the items they collected during our walk.  Some ideas were a flamingo, a duck, a butterfly, a cat, themselves, a Mommy, a cow, and a flower!  Their work of art is hanging up in our classroom for all to see!

We discussed “opposites” this week.  I had a puzzle containing many opposites and the class had to figure out which picture was the correct opposite to each picture.  The girls and boys were laughing so hard when I had them “perform” opposites such as “front, back, stand, sit, happy, sad, laugh, cry, left, right, awake, and sleep”.  Ask your children about this!  Together we made our “Class Book of Opposites.”  Children chose an “opposite” to illustrate for their page in our book.  They had a great time doing this and had a lot of fun taking turns reading the book!

Lastly, we made a “Very Important Information” book for each child containing their address, phone number, and first and last name.  This is something I will go over with them during circle time regularly in order for your children to know this very important information!

Next week please send your child to school with a paper towel roll and a pinecone for a special project we will be making for Thanksgiving.  Please remember no school for your children on Wednesday, in honor of Veteran’s Day.

Enjoy your weekend!




Miss Lori and Miss Kristine

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