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Dear Families,

The excitement was in the air all week in anticipation of Halloween! We made so many fun Halloween decorations for you to decorate your home. Our class cut open our pumpkin this week. Everyone had a turn looking inside in order to see the pulp and the seeds. The children were so excited!!! We roasted the seeds in the oven with some olive oil and salt. The boys and girls enjoyed this warm toasty and tasty snack so much. We loved seeing all of the children in their Halloween costumes! Your children were so surprised to see their teachers in costumes as well. Our class had a parade outside with all of the other children from the other classes. It was a beautiful day for a “Red Robin Halloween Parade!” Everyone had smiles on their faces as they strutted around school in their amazing costumes!!! It was soooo much fun seeing all the costumes. We ended the parade saying “Trick or Treat” to Mr. Michael and Miss Sheryl-and guess what??? They gave us yummy treats to put in our Halloween bags. Our class party was a huge hit! Thank you to all our families for sending in special treats for our Halloween party. Mr. Michael was a guest reader and shared some terrific Halloween stories with our class.
I have begun assessments with your children. Please make sure to call the office and sign up for Parent-Teacher conferences next Tuesday, November 6th at school or by phone. (There is no school that day.) I look forward to speaking with you about your child!
We have been focusing on the letter “Ff” this week. Our shape of the week is a “star”, the color of the week is “black” and the number of the week is “6”. Next week we will move on to the letter “Gg”. Please send in two pictures of something that begins with the letter “Gg” with your child.
Believe it or not we will begin talking about Thanksgiving!!! We will be making a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. We will also be observing the changes in the weather and the trees. We will take a nature walk to experience all the changes that surround us. Lots of fun things to look forward to! What a festive and joyous time of year. Gather your families together, take time for the simple things; take a walk, crunch leaves collect acorns, make a fire, read stories, have a game night or just cuddle on a couch. Happy November!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Miss Lori, Miss Kristine and Miss Sam

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