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Dear Pre- K Families,

It was so nice to meet with many of you for Parent- Teacher conferences this week.  I am looking forward to meeting with the rest of you next week!  I am so pleased with the progress your children have made since September, and we still have just over four months to go!  The letter “Nn” was introduced this week.  We thought of words that begin with this letter and discussed the sound the letter makes.  Each child made a “Nancy Nurse” puppet as well.

We have completed a unit on The Five Senses.  Our class had so much fun learning about this topic!  We baked muffins for the sense of Taste, we made “snow playdough” for the sense of Touch, we played a game called “What’s In The Box?” whereby the children could NOT use their sense of sight in order to describe one object that they picked from a box.  They then had to try to guess what the object could be without using their eyes!!!  We certainly used our sense of Smell when the muffins were baking as well as when we were eating them!  The children tried covering their ears as I spoke to see if they could hear me.  They also were able to see how it felt for people who could not hear.  Needless to say, everyone appreciated being able to have the ability to use all five of their senses!

The boys and girls listened to a story entitled The Mitten Tree, by Candace Christiansen.  Each of the children cut out a pair of mittens and decorated them using many different types of material.  They painted a large winter tree and this is now hanging on the door to our classroom.  Your children are so proud of their work.

Our class has completed another page in their journal.  They have also completed another page in their “All About Me” book.  Both of these books will come home at the end of the year.  They are terrific keepsakes!

A few reminders:  next WEDNESDAY, February 1 we will have a Super Bowl party in school!  WEDNESDAY February 8 we will wear pajamas to school and eat pancakes in honor of the letter Pp!  This is always a special day for the children.  Please remember to send in the Valentine’s for Veterans by February 10.


Thank you!

Warmly, Miss Lori and Miss Kristine



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