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Nursery Weekly Newsletter

9/17/15 – 9/18/15

 Dear Parents,

          Wow, can you believe that autumn begins on Wednesday!  I have really missed the children over the summer and I’m very excited about working with some new families this year.  It was so nice to meet most of you at orientation and put faces with names.  I was excited to see so many returning families!  Together we will provide a positive and nurturing environment where your child can learn and develop at his/her own pace.

      Again, I would like to welcome you and your child to the Red Robin Nursery Program.  Miss Cassandra and I are delighted to have your child in our class this year.  Your children will achieve much in terms of academic growth, self-confidence, and most importantly, social skills.

      A lot of three year olds have never been to school before and even though they are excited about coming, some are going to have a hard time separating from you.  (And you from them!)  Some children enter this new adventure without a backwards glance.  Others need a helping hand.  Smooth transitions are as important to us as they are to you, so if your child needs an extra hug and kiss, feel free!  However, when the time comes for you to leave, we encourage you to reassure them that you will see them later and with a big smile, firmly say “Goodbye.”  Then, without hesitation, leave promptly.  Rest assured that they will soon become involved in class activities.  Lingering separations are difficult for all of us because of the lack of clarity and insecurity it fosters.

      At the beginning of the year, when we plan our curriculum, we always include discussions and stories around separation anxiety.  In our attempt to help the children accept separation, last week we read First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg, Froggy Goes To School by Jonathan London and I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt.  These wonderful books helped the children relate to the school experiences of others!

          Since music is such an important part of our curriculum, we have already started singing together in circle time.  Some of the songs we’ve enjoyed are: “The Wheels on the Bus”, “I’ve Got Two Eyes!” (Ask your child why this is his or her favorite!), “The Alphabet Song” and “Morning Exercise”.

      We have been reviewing behavior expectations and safety concerns in our classroom and on the playground.  We are teaching the children how to use certain centers and showing them where everything goes.  We are working on responsibility, independence and name recognition as we hang up our backpacks.  We are getting to know each other a little better and discovering that school is a fun place to be

      This week I will continue to focus on welcoming the children to Nursery.  You can expect your child to play with large and small blocks, cars and trucks, trains, puzzles play-doh and other manipulatives.  The kitchen area and housekeeping will also be available.  The paint easel will be open during center time for the children to pursue their own creative ideas.  We will begin the hard process of learning to take turns with toys, seating, talking, teachers’ attention etc.

          Once the children are comfortable with the routines, I will begin our “All about Me” theme.  We will immerse ourselves in getting to know one another as individuals and as a class.  We will talk about how special we are in our own unique way.  We will also learn about our emotions and feelings, and how to express them.

          The week of the 28th, we will begin our journey through the alphabet.  We will reinforce the letter “A” using arts and crafts as well as skill-enhancing activities.  Appropriately, “Having Fun with Apples” will be our fall theme.  We weave these thematic ideas into our daily activities through literature, art, discovery (science and math), dramatic play, gross motor and small motor play, snack, along with small group activities and circle times (where more directed learning happens).

          In closing I’d like to say “thanks” to my Nursery parents for all the help with our first few days of school! You have been a tremendous help remembering things, sending things, and most importantly bringing me well-rested and eager young children.  This group is amazing me with their questions and enthusiasm!

          Thank you for giving me the pleasure to get to know your wonderful children and be a part of their lives.  I truly have the BEST job in the world! Thank you for sharing your treasures with me!

          Enjoy the week!!



                                                          Miss Joanne

Dates to Remember:


9/23                      School Closed – Yom Kippur

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