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Dear Parents,

            I’ve been working with 3 year olds for over 16 years. It’s an amazing age group to work and get silly with.  When I tell people that I work with this age group, they are amazed and say it must be so difficult- what they don’t realize, is how lucky I am.  I was away from the children for a week and a half while I recovered from pneumonia and missed them tremendously.  I couldn’t wait till I was well enough to walk back into the classroom and encounter all those smiles and hugs! It truly is the best job in the world!  And seriously, how many of YOU get hugs on arrival, can wear a tiara and pretend to fly up through pink clouds that taste like bubblegum?!  I am so grateful and fortunate to be able to share these “magic years” with your children!

            I am most appreciative of Miss Anastasia’s help during my absence.  She kept up with the lesson plans and didn’t deviate from our normal classroom routine.  Miss Anastasia told me how excited the children were for “story time”!  She said that many of them brought in books from home and some, read to the class.  Once planted on their carpet squares, others had Miss Anastasia share their favorite book selection!  She said the children would practically stop in their tracks for a story!  Hooray for books AND their enthusiasm!!!!!

            Before the break the children focused on Earth Day.  Through books and Earth Day Videos on our Smart Board, the children learned that if disposed of incorrectly, garbage can hurt us.  It can contaminate our air, water and soil.  It was a great time to teach the children the responsibility they have to our planet.  They are the future!  During “Circle Time” discussions, the children learned about protecting and preserving the Earth, not just by words but by actions!  A fun outside activity allowed the children to experience that responsibility.  After declaring war on garbage, they went on litter patrol and cleaned up Red Robin grounds.  Throughout their walk, the children expressed excitement for everything they saw!  While on patrol they had an opportunity to learn about their natural world too!

            You don’t need a classroom to introduce nature to your child.  Take them for walks and stop with them to observe the beauty of a snail shell, a colorful leaf or spider web.  Children don’t require much.  You don’t need to take a trip to Yosemite to take their breath away.  Give your child a magnifying glass or butterfly net the next time your outdoors.  What may seem mundane to us can be riveting to a young child.  Our current lifestyle can be so hurried.  Many children (and adults) don’t have time to appreciate the beauty around them.  Encourage and facilitate your child’s innate curiosity of the natural world.  Every bug captures their attention and imagination.

             This week we will remain in exploration mode as the children check on the growth of their plants.  As they continue to observe the seeds that they sowed, the children will learn responsibility in caring for living things.  This should prove to be a lot of fun since children are as attracted to flowers as bees and butterflies!

            The alphabet is nearly complete.  Only TWO more letters to go!  Before the break we introduced the letter “Xx”.  It was explained to the children that in some words, such as X-ray, X makes the same sound as its name.  This is a tricky letter to present to young children with words like Xerox and Xylophone! From our flip-chart we sang….

Xx (to the tune Camptown Races)

Xavier was an alien,


He was born on Planet X,

extremely far from Earth.

He had two pointy heads;

his vision was X-ray.

He saw exactly everything

in an alien way.

            To highlight the letter X we wrote X’s with white crayon on X patterns before distributing them to the children. Using watercolors, they painted over the entire X and magically, the white X’s appeared!  We also made an X-ray craft using Q-tips for the bones in our hand and forearm.

            Rehearsals for the end-of-the-year show are in full swing!  The children are doing an amazing job.

            We are most appreciative of Mrs. Conenna for launching our “Community Helper” theme! Although, I unfortunately was not present for it,  I did enjoy the video posted to our Red Robin Facebook page!  There were lots of excited faces!  Mrs. Conenna, an Orthopedic Physicians Assistant, explained that she works closely with Doctors to help people who have problems with their bones and muscles to feel better.  She brought some special tools along that she uses to examine her patients and even let some brave volunteers try out her reflex hammer!  The leg kicks when she tapped on their knees brought plenty of smiles and giggles!  We thank Mrs. Conenna for educating the children about her vital role in healthcare.  We could see how proud Christian was of his Mommy!

            It is not too late to get involved!  If you would like to offer your time to share a talent or career, we would greatly appreciate it! Every presentation is unique. The more interesting and exciting we make learning the more the children retain.  For those parents who have already volunteered, I will confirm your date and time this week.  

           It’s hard to believe we are beginning our last full month in the Nursery.  What a great year we have had!  Our last weeks at school will be very busy and exciting!  We will continue our nature theme and are anxiously waiting for our caterpillars to arrive.  Setting up our butterfly garden is one of the highlights of the year.  There is nothing more magical than the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

            This week we are gearing up for Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day!  We will also introduce the letter “Yy”.  Any Yodelers out there????  In addition to that, we will attempt to engage the children’s spirits with some simple Yoga.  Teaching three and four year olds to self-regulate can be extremely valuable!!!

            We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day!

            “Nothing compares with being a Mother….

            …..who else can be bugged?


            …..and hugged…..

            All at the same time?

            Happy Bugging, Tugging, Hugging Day!!!”



                                                                        Miss Joanne

Birthdays in May:

Ajaye                                                              5/26

Ahren                                                            5/31


Dates to Remember:

May 5th                                                          Cinco De Mayo!!!!

May 30th                                                       School Closed – Memorial Day

June 8th                                                        Last Day of Classes

June 9th                                                        End of the Year Show!!!




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