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Dear Parents,

          Last week we introduced the volatile letter “Vv”!  Examples of words such as violin, vase, vulture and volcano were given. To further reinforce the letter the children painted vine leaves on their pre-cut letter V.  They also designed their own visors to protect their eyes on sunny days!  They are one-of-a-kind and incredibly lightweight!  Letter V also brought us to a “Circle Time” discussion on volcanoes. The children learned that the earth is really changing all the time.  Ask your child what we call red-hot melted rock that flows inside and out of a volcano (magma & lava).  To keep the learning experience more realistic, we made a volcano out of plaster.  The eruption taught the children about the reaction that occurs when vinegar and baking soda combine.  The children are so fascinated by these unpredictable mountains, so to add more fun and depth to our studies, we went to the SMARTboard!  We watched a dramatic You Tube video of an actual volcano blowing it’s top!   We constantly reiterate that events such as volcanoes are NEVER seen on Long Island!!!

          In music, the children are busy practicing for our end-of-the-year show.  They often ask me to play their favorites throughout the day. We’re having more than our share of sing-along fun!  Our selections excite, inspire and enhance their whole school experience!  We can’t wait to show off our shining stars!

          Our flip-chart song for the week went like this:

Vv (to the tune The Hokey Pokey)

Van puts his violin

under his chinny-chin.

He plays it very loud,

and he makes his Aunt Vi proud.

Vi loves to hear him play,

so Van visits her each day.

And that’s all there is to say!!

          As we prepare to enter the homestretch of our school year, our focus will be on the wonders of nature.  We will be planting seeds and watching them grow.  We will also learn about the little critters that live among us.  This week we will introduce the letter “Ww” and go on a worm hunt.  Since we usually find wriggly worms near the surface of the soil after it rains, we will gather some after the next April shower.  Our objective will be to learn how worms help build good soil and make it healthier for plant growth.

          Since Earth Day is Friday, April 22nd, we will begin introducing the children to environmentally friendly habits, hopefully inspiring awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.

          Once again we would love to arrange for as many parents as possible to come to class next month to share their special talents or occupations.  Each year brings new surprises from the parent body, which adds great dimension to the nursery program.  If you would like to offer your time, we would truly appreciate it.  For those parents who have already volunteered, I will confirm your date and time the week of April 18th.  I am hopeful that we will have a few more volunteers by the end of the month!

          Enjoy the week!!


                                                          Miss Joanne


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Dates to Remember:

April 22nd                                       Passover Celebration

April 25th – 29th                            School Closed for Religious Observance

May 2nd                                           Welcome Back!

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