Miss Louise’s November Newsletter

November 16, 2017

Dear Families:

We’ve been very busy these last two weeks learning about the letter “F” and preparing for Thanksgiving. We made a fox paper bag puppet, a rainbow fish, and firefighters. We read The Rainbow Fish, The Rainbow Fish to the Rescue, Fox in Socks, My First Thanksgiving, The Night Before Thanksgiving, 10 Fat Turkeys, Turkey Trouble, and Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks. Our Thanksgiving crafts will amaze you and look fantastic as decorations for your home and holiday table.

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week! This week we have been collecting canned and non-perishable boxed foods for those less fortunate than us. It has been a wonderful lesson for our children. We always talk about helping our friends, sharing, and getting along; but this reminds the children that we also need to be kind and look after others who are not as lucky as we are to have food on our table every day.

We have also read The Mitten Tree several times. We have talked about how cold the winter gets and how important it is to have warm gloves or mittens and hats. Beginning December 1st, we will be collecting hats, gloves, and mittens on our own Mitten Tree to be given to those less fortunate than us.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving in our classroom with a Thanksgiving Tasting Feast on Monday, November 20th and Tuesday, November 21st. Thank you in advance for your generous donations to our feast. We know the children will enjoy eating all of the yummy food. You can send in a lunch on those days, but your child may be too full from the feast to eat it.

Since next week is a short week, we will not send home a newsletter. When we return from the Thanksgiving weekend, we will introduce the letter “G”. There will be lots of goldfish activities. We will read Goodnight Gorilla and Gregory, the Terrible Eater. We will make a goat puppet and goat craft. We will beat our chests and make gorilla noises.

We will also begin to prepare for the upcoming December holidays—Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. Dreidels, menorahs, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, ornaments, kinaras, and much more will become classroom decorations—-and eventually decorate your homes for the holidays.

Finally, we will be sending home your children’s summer clothing before leaving for the Thanksgiving weekend. Please send in two winter outfits to be kept in your child’s shoebox. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts will keep your child warm. If you wish to add an undershirt or short-sleeved shirt for layering and added warmth, please do so. Remember to label them with your child’s name. Please try to stay away from onesies. With so many children in diapers/pull-ups, it adds extra time to the process and takes away time from playing with friends or working on projects.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend,

   Miss Louise, Miss Enedina, & Miss Kristine


October News 2017 – Miss Anne’s Class

Hello Parents,

We are off to a great start!  Your children are adjusting to their Pre-K class beautifully.  They are working hard to grasp their pencils correctly and write their names using an upper case letter for the first letter only in their names.  I am really proud of them.

On Friday, October 20th, we will be going on a class trip to Hicks Nursery to pick pumpkins, visit the “Otto the Ghost” display and learn more about this beautiful season of Autumn.

October is Fire Safety Month.  The Westbury Fire Department will be visiting Red Robin on Friday, October 27th to teach us more about preventing fires and what to do if a fire did start in our homes.  They bring their truck and equipment to Red Robin so don’t be alarmed if you pass by on that day and see their huge fire truck in our parking lot!

Everyone at Red Robin will be wearing orange on Friday, October 27th.  Please have your child wear orange on “Orange Day” at Red Robin.

Our class will be celebrating Halloween in costumes on Halloween, Tuesday October 31st.  Please label all parts of your child’s costume.  Please send in clothes for your child to change into at lunch so they can eat comfortably and not worry about spills.  We will help them change back into their costumes in the afternoon.  If you would like to send in a treat for the class party, please feel free to do so.  Just a reminder, we are a peanut- free school so please follow the guidelines to ensure the safety of our children.  Thank you!

If your child does not attend school on one of the days of our special events and you would like to have your child participate, please call the office to make arrangements.

Picture Days have been rescheduled for November 2nd & 3rd.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and look forward to happy smiles on Picture Days!

I would like to say thank you for the great pictures your children have been bringing in for “Letter of the Week Homework”. Each of them is so proud to stand up at Circle Time and show their work!  Keep up the good work!

We have been baking with each letter of the alphabet.  We made apple crisp for A, brownies for B and cookies for C.  The children really enjoyed baking together and were extremely attentive.  We hope to continue our baking throughout the year.

We are working on our Fall Number Book.  It is time consuming but the end result is a book they can read to you and a lot of fun for them to make.  We are working hard to complete them before Halloween.

I am looking forward to a great year ahead!  I enjoy going to work every day because of your children.  They are amazing!  Thanks again for your support.


Miss Anne

News Flash from Miss Lori’s Pre-K Class – October 6, 2017

Dear Pre-K Families,

This week we officially welcomed Fall into our classroom.  We “adopted” a tree in our playground.  When we went back in our classroom we created the tree we observed for our “Seasons Tree” project.  Our class tree is proudly hanging on our classroom door painted in beautiful fall colors with leaves and apples the children made, hanging on the tree.  Wait and see how we change our tree to replicate the changes we observe as the seasons change our “adopted tree” outside.


The upper and lower case “Bb” was introduced this week.  We discussed the sound the letter makes and thought of all kinds of words that begin with the letter “Bb”.  Each child made a “Bingo Bear” puppet and wrote the upper and lower case Bb.  We read books that begin with the letter of the week as well.  Two of our class favorites were Bugs That Go Bump In The Night by David Carter and We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury.  We baked brownies, which our class devoured!  Black scary bats are hanging from our classroom ceiling in preparation for Halloween.


We discussed Christopher Columbus.  I read a story about him to the class and we talked about why he is so important.  The children know he discovered that the world is round.  They learned that he sailed on three ships- the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.  Our class made their own Christopher Columbus to take home.

We incorporated the smart board into our class lesson, which the children loved.  We did a lesson on the letter of the week and we learned more about Christopher Columbus.  Each child had a turn interacting with the smart board.


We wrote in our journals again this week.  This is an ongoing writing activity, which you will see in June.  Another ongoing book your children are working on is their All About Me book.



****Just a reminder that school will be closed on Monday, October 9th in honor of Christopher Columbus.

****Picture Days –October 11th and 12th

Have a beautiful, fall weekend!


Miss Lori